The Atlanta Dating Company makes it a point to provide speed dating events for mature people to meet someone special.  We provide a space that allows mingling with a level of class.

Upon your arrival, you will be greeted with a host that will make you comfortable and guide you through this fun and simple process.   During the event, you will have several small dates and you make the choice if you would like to share your information at the end of each date.  We calculate your match and digitally share your information within 24 hours.

No pressure.  No name tags.  No need to browse online profiles.

Atlanta Dating Company provides the people, the great ambiance and opportunity for you to meet someone special.  It is especially important that we maintain an equal number men and women at our events to enhance the chances of a great match. We always think about our clients and  value quality over quantity.

The Process

  1. Pre-register for an event.

  2. Arrive 15-30  minutes early with your ID (required for check-in) and cell phone (used to make match selections).

  3. The host will give you seating arrangements and directions for movement. (The men will move, while the ladies stay seated.)

  4. You will have a series of dates and talk to a potential mate for 6-8 minutes.

  5. Make your selection (Only you can decide to share your information).

  6. Continue to mingle through the night.

  7. Your results will be emailed to you within 24 hours.


How do I sign up for a Speed Date?

All events must be registered  through our website on the events page.  No cash will be accepted the day of the event.  It is important that participants pre-register for adequate grouping.

Will I be embarrassed when when I arrive?

We maintain a level of professionalism with our friendly host an a private/semi-private venue.  You will be provided with specific instructions in regards to the location. We want to make sure you are relaxed and ready to meet someone new.    We find it unnecessary to make "cheesy" announcements to bring any attention to our single participants.  Professionalism is our goal.

How should I dress?

Since you will be meeting several available people, we suggest you display your personal flare and bring that great personality.

What if I like someone at the event?

If someone at the event interest your, simply make your selection at the end of the date.  All contact information will be shared within 24 hours.

Will drinks and food be provided at the venue?

All purchased tickets pay for admission for the event.  Some events will  have 1 alcoholic beverage included and will be noted on the ticket.   Any food or drinks purchased outside of the event will need to be paid by you.